The Device Graph

Creating a unified view of the consumer

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What It Is

Media companies face many challenges, but none more fundamental than the fractured nature of today’s digital marketing and advertising ecosystems. Most technology platforms treat a single user as different people since they use different devices and switch between contexts within those devices. The patent-pending Tapad Device GraphTM allows you to understand, monetize and measure your audience in a unified way across all connected devices. Watch this video to learn what it can do for you.

How It Works

  1. 1

    Personal Computer

    Features were researched
    from this desktop

  2. 2

    Personal Tablet

    A new car quote
    was requested from
    this tablet.

  3. 3

    Personal Phone

    A search for local auto
    dealerships was made from
    this mobile device

  4. 4

    Related Devices

    A TV spot for their next car
    was seen just before

Unified Consumer View

Tapad determines which of these devices are related to each other and connected to a user, building a unified cross-device view of the consumer.

How It Can Work For You

How We Do It

Model billions of non-PII data points, isolating strong behavioral and relationship based patterns across devices

Continuously inform the Tapad Device Graph based on real-time data collection, reflecting the most up to date information

Partner with organizations that have explicitly connected devices based on authentication to strengthen and validate Tapad’s Device Graph modeling

Use Cases


Target your audience with unified and coordinated messages across all of their devices

Customize the user experience based on cross-device behavior

Measure the effectiveness of your cross-device brand awareness and direct response campaigns


Monetize your audiences, not your content channels

Enable a more valuable, 360° view of your customers, across all of their devices

Understand user pathing across devices to power more effective aquisition marketing and make strategic decisions


Today’s smart devices offer compelling opportunities to engage and empower people with targeted advertising. They also demand a wise approach to protecting a consumer’s privacy. At Tapad, we believe consumers deserve notice of behavioral ads, true transparency and the tools to take control of how their data is used online. Given this fundamental tenet for the way we do business, Tapad is playing a central role in the development and implementation of strict, industry-wide standards and protocols. We work hand-in-hand with Ghostery (formerly Evidon) and other industry leaders to provide clear notification and persistent opt-out (in compliance with the Digital Advertising Alliance program for Online Behavioral Advertising). Moreover, Tapad’s proprietary technological breakthroughs enable us to deliver targeted, cross-platform advertising without reliance on PII. Read more about our commitment to privacy »