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Scale and Precision Series

Unifying consumer engagements across screens isn’t easy. Even with a bevy of first-party data, found it difficult to link anonymous site visitors and behaviors together as consumers bounced between IP addresses, across devices. Our anonymized user data is fractured — we can see the conversions happening and what device they happen on, but there [...]

Why the Timing of Digital Browsing Behavior Matters

The data science team here at Tapad is constantly working to identify patterns among past converters (converters being people who have taken a desired digital action, e.g. clicking a specific link or button on a client’s website). Part of this research has been around the timing and frequency of website visits, where we learned the [...]

Uncovering Digital Video Advertising and Brand Safety

By: Paul Sluberski, VP of Video & CPGNowhere does the issue of brand safety come up more in our industry than in discussions of the future of video advertising. From the threats posed to marketers by user-generated content (UGC) to the importance of providing superior consumer experiences to our ideal audiences, Tapad will be exploring [...]

Tapad Partners with Innovid for Video Marketing

Today we announced our partnership with Innovid, the world's leading video marketing platform. This integration enables Innovid to bring cross-device personalization and a more unified viewer experience to its video marketing clients including Bank of America, L'Oréal, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble. By leveraging the Tapad Device Graph, Innovid's marketers can [...]

Kate O'Loughlin Speaks on Columbia University Panel

On April 7, 2017 SVP/GM Media Business, Kate O’Loughlin, joined six other panelists to talk Adtech and Advertising at MBA Media & Entertainment Conference hosted by Columbia University. Alongside Kate included Christina Blankenship, Manager Paid Media/Vayner Media; Elise James-Decruise, VP, New Marketing Institute/Media Math; Joe Zito, VP/GM, Retail and Dining, Oracle Data Cloud Emry Downinghall [...]

Tapad’s Dag Liodden and Jeff Olchovy to Speak at Scala Days 2017 Conferences

From left to right: Dag Liodden, CTO and co-founder; Jeff Olchovy, staff software engineer We’re excited to announce that Tapad’s co-founder and CTO Dag Liodden and Principal Software Engineer Jeff Olchovy are set to present at Scala Days Chicago and Copenhagen 2017! Liodden will address the importance of building a company on Scala, including lessons [...]

Signal Partnership Expands Customer Reach Across Devices

Today we announced our partnership with Signal, the global leader in connecting brands to their customers at scale. This global integration extends device connectivity for Signal’s clients across North America, APAC, and EMEA by leveraging our proprietary Tapad Device GraphTM. By combining Signal’s customer connection scale with our device scale, Signal is able to [...]
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