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Unified cross-device marketing delivers real results. Only Tapad gives you the intelligence and tools to make it all possible.

Expand your reach

Consumers spend time on many devices, often simultaneously, so data from a single device is incomplete. Tapad maximizes impressions across devices and provides accurate measurement of the number of people who engage with your message—and how often they see it.

Engage more intelligently

Tapad’s extensive cross-device access, paired with our creative expertise, interactive ad formats and holistic analytics, help you achieve unprecedented brand engagement. You get one-to-one relationships that move across devices.

Boost offline with online

While most purchases still happen offline, consumers are often first influenced online—across many screens. We make your online programs more focused and effective, so they can truly spur the action you want: buying.

Reach consumers on video

Partner with Tapad to serve cross-screen interactive video units that not only grab attention but also create a richer storytelling experience and drive performance. Unify, our robust cross-device DSP, maximizes video reach across tablet, mobile and desktop.

Measure TV ad effectiveness

For years, TV was a siloed medium. But now we match a TV-ad viewer to all his or her other devices. That means you can actually measure how your ad on TV impacts product engagement across laptop, smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Drive TV consumers to tune-in

As a television advertiser, what you really care about is viewership. So why measure clicks? Tapad lets you see if your cross-device campaign is actually driving TV tune-in. No more hypothesizing.

Our award-winning team builds custom rich media and interactive video creative tailored for optimal cross-device user experience.