Tapad TV

Finally, the ability to access and measure TV ad buys with the precision and control of digital.
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More people want to see your ad than you think. We know who they are, and we'll help you connect

Our Device Graph has done all the heavy lifting for you. We can tell, with unmatched precision, who is most likely to be interested in your brand’s message. This means greater reach and less audience overlap for you — across networks, programs and even dayparts. It’s a better way to allocate your campaign dollars.

The scale of TV and the precision of digital

The tools to make campaign analysis and optimization are built right into TapadTV. We give you all the control of digital with the scale of a traditional TV buy to efficiently and effortlessly reach new consumers. You can even extend your current TV schedule with just a few clicks.


Uncover the audiences that matter most

You can lean on generic demographic descriptions like age or gender, or you could use the insights from massive data sets to hone your decision-making. Find the audiences you’re truly after instead of relying on  the old “spray and pray” approach. The Tapad Device Graph™ measures billions of connections per day so you can put all that disparate data to work for you.

A TV to Digital Journey

68% of consumers who were exposed to a Travel brand’s TV spot took action on their desktop. 17% of consumers booked within 2 days of seeing the Travel brand’s TV spot.

Tie TV to true business outcomes... the next day

It doesn’t take a month. It only takes a day. From initial TV spot exposure to your desired digital action, you’ll be able to identify your desired customer throughout their journey to conversion, accurately attributing success to not only each platform, but also each network.