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Tapad is the true cross-device marketing partner. Whether the goal is to amplify your message, engage your audience or transform data into dollars, we make it happen. By leveraging the power of our proprietary Tapad Device Graph™, we unify data across all devices to understand the interests, passions and behaviors of the audiences that matter most.

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What We Do


Same audiences, more devices. The Tapad Device Graph™ uses powerful algorithms and trillions of data points to enable you to reach consumers in a unified way across devices. The result is more relevant, effective marketing and a more efficient spend.


Get smarter about the digital journey while making meaningful connections with consumers. Tapad enables you to match your audience’s interests, passions and behaviors across video, display and TV.


We deliver true cross-device reporting tools and metrics out-of-the-box or fully customized to your needs. Tapad delivers what you need to drive results.

A Cross-Device Journey

See how our technology helps brands maintain a consistent and relevant path to purchase.
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Who's Working With Us?

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Top Global Telecom Companies
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Top Auto Brands
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Top Travel Companies
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Top Retail Chains
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Top Financial Services
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Top Entertainment Companies

What Are They Saying?

  • “Tapad solves one of the crucial puzzles of advertising” Full story here.

    Forbes’ 5 Innovative Companies You Should Know About

  • “The ability to leverage cross-device insights through linear TV data is a huge value-add in understanding the effectiveness of campaigns.”

    Laurel Boyd, VP at Mediahub on Tapad’s TV Pulse

  • Tapad Device Graph™ Named “Best New Media Innovation” at 2015 ASPY Awards

  • Nielsen Confirms Tapad’s Device Graph™ Connections 91.2% Accurate

  • “I use Tapad as an example not only because they were first-to-market, but also because they were able to secure some of the largest advertisers in the U.S. because they placed privacy at the forefront of their technology.”

    Scott Meyer, Ghostery CEO (formerly known as Evidon)

  • “This type of campaign allowed us, for the first time, to have an integrated, cross-channel dialogue with our target demographic across their multiple connected devices.”

    Dell’s Executive Director of Global Brand & Advertising

  • "Tapad...made particular sense for this [Flashtalking] European campaign because it offers a graph specifically for EU users and regulations." - AdExchanger

    Monarch Airlines Tries Cookieless Attribution

  • "That’s what we’re using Tapad for – to understand non-converting journeys and see the value that they actually bring to us.” - Hotels.com (AdExchanger)

    Hotels.com Turns To Tapad To Take A Vacation From Walled Gardens

  • "It’s easier and quicker to buy into the space - Telenor buying Tapad being a prominent example of this approach. This goes to show that...adtech represents an opportunity for many strategics, such as telcos, to enter a high growth market ." - Mark Williams, director at M&A Advisor Results International (MarTech Advisor)

    What Lies Ahead for Adtech and Martech in H2 2016?

  • Tapad Wins TMCnet Tech Culture Award

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